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the story of luca,campaign film

after the summer, short

influenza (on kirstine roepstorff), art documentary

bjarke underbjerg was born on valentines day in copenhagen in 1991, and graduated with a master in arts from the film department at the university of copenhagen 28 years later.

being an aquarius he is both visionary, independent and equally creative and intellectual. As a valentine aquarius, his fascination for film emerged early on, leading him through a life in which narratives, characters and aesthetics have been the constant turning point. 


he loves pizza and pasta and his heart seems to be in exile in Italy, where he constantly returns for inspiration - both physically and cinematically. therefore, he has developed a strong love for patos, marble and for characters who are not afraid of being insecure in their search for a meaning; often morphing in and out between the past, present, dreams and thoughts of the future.


all together, his films have a heightened aesthetic expression, involving characters who are not afraid of taking life seriously. though being relatively new to the artistic practices of film making, his films have already been shown around the world.